Solutions that make life & business easier

The best deals on all essential services

Keeping the lights on is one of the first rules in business. But we don’t want
this to cost you your business so we work for you to get the best deal at the best price for you.

Cost Reduction

This is the best place to start to increase profitability. Understanding how you use these essential services through the day and night, will determine what the best deal for you is.

Trusted providers

There are names that we all have heard of in any industry. But are there other smaller ones that are more reliable? We work with many providers and use feedback from our clients, like you.

Hassle free

We believe switching supplier should not cost you time nor money. So we work to make the process as hassle free for you as possible. After all, you have other important stuff to do.


Most suppliers use Open Reach and BT Wholesale so the lines you will be using remain the same if you switch.  We have strong relationships with Partners that offer services to a variety of different size businesses so we can get the best deal for you. Most even pay for part if not all of your cancellation fees. We can start reducing your telephone costs today.


Every business has different needs, including when it comes to connectivity. Our Partners provide a range of Business Broadband packages and have something to suit every business from speed to usage. We work with you to work out what best suits you then get you the best deal at the best price with a reliable provider. 


Business mobile contracts that come with unlimited calls and texts as standard is a must for most businesses. These are perfect for keeping in touch with customers, staff and suppliers. Network coverage is also very important. These are just some of the things we look at when selecting the best Partner to work with for your business needs. There should not be any need to look any further.

Let The referrals Agency Take care of things

We get you the best deals from all of our Partners, some not even available on the market.
We can do this for you because of years of developing our relationships and the strength in numbers.

Dedicated to you

The Referrals Agency is dedicated to you so we take time to understand you and your interests. As a valued client we work hard to get what is best for you. We have your best interest at heart so only if you are happy are we happy.

Best Deal around

The Referrals Agency strives to get you the best deal around. So we negotiate with Partners and talk extensively to other providers to get you the best deals on services that are essential for you. We believe in only the best for our clients.

Best packages & offers

The Referrals Agency tailors its packages to suit you best. We understand that no two businesses are the same and so the needs for every business are different. That is why we take time to get to know you and your business first.

Small business specialists

The Referrals Agency specialises in small, local and independent businesses. This is our bread and butter. By having such deep focus on this group we have managed to amass a wealth of experience and knowledge in what works well.

Wholesome look

The Referrals Agency takes the time to listen and understand you and your business needs before making any proposals. We know you are an expert in your business and try to come as close as you as we can before implementing any solution.

With you long term

The referral Agency can be your partner for life. With every business we work with, we maintain a close working relationship long after the work is done. We aim to give ongoing support and keep you updated as to the trends in the sector.

Refer a Friend

Why not refer a friend to any one of our packages. 

When someone takes up a service through The Referrals Agency that you have referred, you will get rewarded with a cash amount for that service, or a discount on any other services on offer. The person you referred may get a reward too.

To help you even more, there is a further discount to the package fee for those taking it through a referral, as much as 100%. A few clients have made good money simply from telling their acquaintances. The same could work for you so what are you waiting for?