After all, it's in our name

Get paid for spreading the word

Know a business that could do with cutting costs, implementing processes, or increasing sales? Introduce them to us and you could get rewarded for any service they take on.

How It works

We have made it easy for you Get your reward in 3 simple steps.

1. Refer someone you know

Sign up to become a Referrer or fill in the 'one time referral form' below. Send your referral link or tell us about someone you have been in contact with that would benefit from any of our packages. You may or may not have used that particular package yourself.

2. They take on a service

We will contact them and let them know you have referred them, or they will use the link to come and pick package right for them. They will get a discount on the package fee (up to 100%) and get the same service. We'll then get to work to get their profits soaring.

3. You get paid. Simple!

You can track the progress of your referrals in the Referrals Area of your account. Once their service is activated and live, you will have access to the reward from us for having introduced them. Alternatively you could get a discount on a service you require.

What's a "REFERRER"?

The Referrals Agency is dedicated to helping startups, independents and SMEs in the way most suited to them. That’s why we work with great Partners that give them that winning feeling. But not everyone knows about this which is where Referrers come in. As a Referrer you know what your friend who runs a business needs, so you can tell them about one of our packages that would suit them perfectly. And for helping your friend, we’ll give you a little reward, to say thank you.

Why become a Referrer?

Referring a package or service can help a friend, a small business or a startup get the best deal on something they want and improve their business. Just this small somewhat insignificant act might save a business that is struggling by getting them in touch with us and our Partners that can help. Apart from the good feeling of knowing you are doing your part for the local economy and livelihoods, you also get rewarded for your it.We believe business should be about creating wins for everyone.

Who can become a Referrer?

Anyone can be a Referrer. You most likely have friends, family and/or acquaintances whose businesses you would like to see benefit from a great offer. When logged in you can refer it to them in a minute. Offers on Yontras are great for all sorts of businesses. Be it your hairdresser, accountant, local shop, gardener, plumber, independent restaurant, etc. The list is endless. Yes you could make some extra money, but what’s more satisfying is going out, talking to people and seeing them win while you win as well. It’s a no brainer really.

Refer a Friend Now

You can fill in the form to refer a friend to any one of our packages. 

When someone takes up a service through The Referrals Agency that you have referred, you will get rewarded with a cash amount for that service, or a discount on any other services on offer. The person you referred may get a reward too.

To help you even more, there is a further discount to the package fee for those taking it through a referral, as much as 100%. A few clients have made a good bit extra simply from telling their acquaintances. The same could work for you so get started now.

Fill in the form below


    It depends on how large your network or following is. A reasonable income can be made if you are consistent and work closely with us. This can be a good side hustle.

    It’s completely FREE! It does not cost anything to sign up and it’s free to enjoy all the current benefits of being a Referrer. 

    You can refer friends, family, colleagues and any other acquaintances in your network that run a business. You do not have to run a business yourself to refer a business.

    Rewards go to the Referrer in the form of money paid through referral account, oras a discount on a future package/service unless agreed otherwise. Rewards for the Customer come in the form of cashback, a discount on that package or a future package/service. 

    The amount you have earned will be shown in your account under the Referrers Area in your account. This amount may be shown in points or currency and you can choose to redeem as cash paid via PayPal or into your bank account, or use the amount to take up other services from The Referrals Agency.

    As soon as we get the details we will set up an account for you. This is where you will see the progress of your referral and any rewards coming your way. After you get the rewards, you can choose to keep the account and continue referring and getting rewards or you can simply ask us to delete the account. 

    Yes. If there is a package that another Referrer does not have, and they sign up to it via your referral, then you can get rewarded for that.

    Unlimited referrals, unlimited rewards

    You can refer as many businesses as you would like. Just make sure you talk to them and they know to expect a call from us. If you have any questions you can contact us from our contact page.