Digital Marketing

Solutions that make life & business easier

Get seen, get heard, get sales

Without sales there is no business. We help you know who your customers are.
Then we can help make sure they see you and hear your message so they can buy from you.

Increase Sales

Getting in front of your potential customers and getting them to pay attention to you will build a pipeline of prospects which will lead to conversions. More sales equals = more profit.

Slick and Beautiful

A good online presence is essential to get in front of your customers. Presence on social media and search engines will contribute to this. We will present you with something you can be proud of.

more for your budget

We aim to go above and beyond for our clients. It's in our mission statement. So we will endeavour to get you more for your budget and provide ongoing support wherever we can.

Social Media Marketing

Most customers expect to be able to converse with the local businesses they are loyal to. Finding where your customers are online and targeting them is a good way to increase that conversation and make more sales. Social media platforms are different and can be illusive. However we have learnt how to find your customers on them, how to target them and keep the conversation going, and how to lead them back to your business to make the purchase.

Content Marketing & SEO

A good social media strategy goes hand in hand with a content creation strategy. To keep a conversation going you need to be present with posts on social media and a good blog on your website. It then makes it easier to use search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) to get more customer directed to your website. The more people that come to your site the more chance you have of getting them to take up your offer.

Brand alignment

Your brand is the first thing people see when it comes to your business. It is more than a logo. It is how you communicate with your customer, how you treat them before and after the sale, how you show them value, and more. We work to make sure your brand is as good as possible and gain recognition far and wide. The more customers recognise your brand in a positive way, the more they might be loyal to you hence the more sales you will make.

Let The referrals Agency Take care of things

We get you the best deals from all of our Partners, some not even available on the market.
We can do this for you because of years of developing our relationships and the strength in numbers.

Dedicated to you

The Referrals Agency is dedicated to you so we take time to understand you and your interests. As a valued client we work hard to get what is best for you. We have your best interest at heart so only if you are happy are we happy.

Best Deal around

The Referrals Agency strives to get you the best deal around. So we negotiate with Partners and talk extensively to other providers to get you the best deals on services that are essential for you. We believe in only the best for our clients.

Best packages & offers

The Referrals Agency tailors its packages to suit you best. We understand that no two businesses are the same and so the needs for every business are different. That is why we take time to get to know you and your business first.

Small business specialists

The Referrals Agency specialises in small, local and independent businesses. This is our bread and butter. By having such deep focus on this group we have managed to amass a wealth of experience and knowledge in what works well.

Wholesome look

The Referrals Agency takes the time to listen and understand you and your business needs before making any proposals. We know you are an expert in your business and try to come as close as you as we can before implementing any solution.

With you long term

The referral Agency can be your partner for life. With every business we work with, we maintain a close working relationship long after the work is done. We aim to give ongoing support and keep you updated as to the trends in the sector.

Refer a Friend

Why not refer a friend to any one of our packages. 

When someone takes up a service through The Referrals Agency that you have referred, you will get rewarded with a cash amount for that service, or a discount on any other services on offer. The person you referred may get a reward too.

To help you even more, there is a further discount to the package fee for those taking it through a referral, as much as 100%. A few clients have made good money simply from telling their acquaintances. The same could work for you so what are you waiting for?